Admissions Information

Detail About How To Apply

Petra College is a family, one where every individual has equal and a unique set of skills and passions that we want to develop. We are all unique and our academic and vocational programmes ensure that we provide the best opportunity for our students to find their potential.

From ECD A to Upper 6, we are committed to encouraging and enabling your child to find their passion, seek their purpose and work with the challenges that come their way.

Entry Assessments

Applicants may be required to take an assessment to ascertain whether they have achieved the standard for admission to the particular grade/form they are applying for. The results of the examination do not exclude children with special learning needs as Petra College has appropriate facilities and inclusively accommodates learners with learning problems.

Priority Consideration

Priority consideration is given to whether your child has siblings at Petra College or he/she is the child of a Petra Alumni.
For students moving across from the Junior School, their transfer is automatic, thought we will require the parents’ written confirmation.

Transfer Students

We have defined transfer students as those who have spent at least one term at another institution (anytime from Grade 1 – Form 4) and have chosen to transfer to Petra College. In addition to fulfilling the admissions requirements for their specific grade/form, all transfer students will also need to submit the following requirements:

  1. Most recent school report
  2. Petra College Letter of Transfer (Download here)

International Students

All international students must have a valid Scholars Permit before enrolling. An offer letter from the College will be needed when families go to the Immigration Offices. The college will need visa confirmation from immigration before the student can take up the place.

Application Procedure


Start Online Submission

Download or Complete the Petra College Application Form (Pre-Interview Form) and submit by hand or filled out online and sent to


Submit The Form

Submit a Certified Copy of your child’s birth certificate.


Review The Submission

Pay the $10 Registration Fee – to be paid at the Petra College Accounts Office (Located at the Rectory in between the 2 schools).

Petra Junior Admissions
Petra Senior Admissions
Tuition & Fees Structure

ECDA - Grade 7

Prospective families are encouraged to register their children from birth for ECDA,ECDB & Grade 1 place.

*In June/July of the year before your child requires the place you will be invited to the school for an interview. In the case of Grade 1 pupils a “readiness” test is administered.
* Upon Acceptance of the child, parents will be given a pack which will include list of uniforms and other important information.

Entry Ages

ECDA – the year in which the child turns 4
ECDB – the year in which the child turns 5
Grade 1 – the year in which the child turns 6
Grade 2 – the year in which the child turns 7
Grade 3 – the year in which the child turns 8
Grade 4 – the year in which the child turns 9
Grade 5 – the year in which the child turns 10
Grade 6 – the year in which the child turns 11
Grade 7 – the year in which the child turns 12

Form 1 - 4

Petra College Junior students are automatically accepted to the Petra College Senior upon completion of Grade 7. However, families still need to let the Senior School know of their intentions by filling in the application form. All other applications for forms 1 to 4 are welcome anytime.

Lower 6 - Upper 6

Preference will be given to current Petra College Senior students.

Application Procedure

  1. Follow the three steps above.
  2. Attach copy of latest school report/mock or original statement of ‘O’ Level results
  3. External applicants will have to submit a Letter of Recommendation from their current or latest Headmaster.

Petra College Tuition and Fees Edit

Tuition fees, levies and other charges are to be paid in advance at the beginning of each term. Please note, all Capital Development Fees (Desk Fees) are non- refundable. A full term’s notice or full term’s fees in lieu of notice is required if parents are to withdraw their children from Petra College.

Grade/Form Capital Development Fee Tuition Fees Starter Pack
ECDB new      
ECDB old      
Grade 1 new      
Grade 1 old      
Grade 2      
Grade 3      
Grade 4      
Grade 5      
Grade 6      
Grade 7      
Form 1 (prior Petra
Junior School Students)
Form 1 new      
Form 2      
Form 3      
Form 4      
Form 5      
Form 6