Sports & Extracurricular

Petra College is committed to developing all round character. Sport is therefore an essential part of our curriculum and we expect all our pupils to take part.

Releasing Potential & Forming Character

We teach new skills to students as they enter the world of Petra and we also continue to develop and hone those skills whilst they learn the art of teamwork, self-discipline and sportsmanship.

Forming Character – Releasing Potential is our motto and Petra Sport is a great avenue through which this motto finds expression. We strive to: provide a sporting environment that:

  1. Stimulates the development of a wholesome and Godly character
  2. Identifies and develops the unique sporting potential in each child.

Student Activities

Our disciplined and passionate staff and coaches invest many hours into our pupils from Grade 3 to Upper Six and our joy is to see them making district, provincial and national selection. For ECD and Grades 1 and 2 we offer a less rigorous programme of sport that does not impact on the full day but instils the early foundations of teamwork and physical skill development.

Overcoming Challenges

We recognise that not every child will be a national or Olympic Star, but through our sport, every child learns how to face challenges, become a team player and overcome their fears and uncertainty to emerge with greater self-confidence.

Unleashing Champions

Using the example of a runner (sportsperson) the Apostle Paul urges that we should run to win.( I Cor 9:24). Through sport we not only develop a strong character, we also have the opportunity to unleash the champion in each child.
A champion not only on the sports field But a Champion in life!

We Practice, Play Hard & Play Fair

At Petra we practice and play hard, we play fair and we play to win, but importantly we recognise that if (occasionally) we don’t win, we gracefully accept the result knowing that as long as we gave of our best we are to be content and that we can learn from each and every experience.

Petra College Junior Sports

1st Term 2nd Term 3rd Term
Tennis Rugby Swimming
Athletics Hockey Cricket
Cross country Tennis Tennis
Cricket Soccer Chess
Chess Netball  
Chess Chess  

Petra College Senior Sports

1st Term 2nd Term 3rd Term
Swimming Rugby Swimming
Athletics Soccer Cricket
Basketball (boys) Hockey Tennis
Tennis Netball Basketball
Cricket Tennis Athletics
Basketball (girls)

Petra College Junior


Art Club This club is separated into Junior and Senior Art Club sessions. The work from these clubs often finds its way into the ZITF Home Industries competitions, where many awards are achieved. This is a very popular club with the children who all very speedily go for registration before space in the sessions fill up.


Chess The Chess Club is active in training pupils from Grade 4 to 7 for the steady stream of fixtures with other schools and for the annual Chess tournament hosted by Petra College Junior in October of every year. This club is popular with the more studiously inclined pupil and the three teachers responsible for coaching the children are very dedicated and passionate about this club.

Media Club

This is a very popular club for Grade 3 and 4's only. The topics covered on a termly basis, to name a few, are Powerpoint, Photo editing and 3D design. A teacher in the IT department runs this club and his knowledge an enthusiasm for the subject positively influences the students.


The Music Department offers pupils the opportunity to learn or enhance their skills in Singing (Choir), Guitar playing, Recorders and Marimbas. Petra College Junior has always had a very strong tradition in giving Music its rightful place in the curriculum, and in recognising its value in the holistic education of the pupils. Over the years the department has seen some talented musicians come and go , and we continue to nurture and encourage that talent so that it then becomes a way to minister to the community and market the Petra brand.


The Bayethe Ndebele club is open for learners from Grade 3 to Grade 7. The Ndebele Club exposes learners to the Ndebele culture that is dance, language, music, poetry and story writing. It benefits learning in the sense that they learn to appreciate the Ndebele culture and embrace other cultures as they live in a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-lingual society


Petra College Junior is dedicated to educating the students about wildlife and conservation in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and other parts of the world, time permitting. This club is for both boys and girls and involves visits outside of school and also visits to the school by people whose expertise in various fields of wildlife are shared with the students. The Senior Wildlife group participate annually in the Regional and National Wild life Quizzes and have made a name for themselves by being a very strong team to contend with.

Coding Club

The coding club is for learners from Grade 5 to 7. In Coding club, we learn block-based and text-based coding to make our own games and interactive projects. In the club we follow the national and Cambridge curriculum for computing in primary schools. The coding is linked to robotics.

Care Club

We are the outreach arm of Petra College Junior. Our goal is to impart to our students the importance of being responsible members of the community. We make craft and collect goods that we share with the less privileged in the society.

Golf Club

At Petra College Junior, we equip junior golfers with necessary skills to take up golf professionally. The Golf coach focuses on proper swing mechanics and ensures that golfers use a properly fitted set of clubs. The golfers who have mastered the basics will be recommended to join the Matabeleland Junior Golf practice, allowing them to compete with other schools.

Science Club

The goal of our club is to get students interested in Science at a young age and introduce them to scientific concepts, have fun and do hands on activities. We conduct experiments taken from the Cambridge Curriculum. Science Club members learn how to safely handle different types of chemicals and use the different apparatus make scientific discoveries.

Drama Club

The Petra College drama club is an extracurricular activity designed to engage students in the performing arts and theatre. Students learn acting skills, work on building sets and making props, design costumes and makeup and more. The directors are passionate and bring out the best in the actors and actresses and this is reflected in the School play and short school assembly skits.

Petra College Senior

Business Management

Students are guided on how to run a business and invest shares.

Public Speaking and Debate

This club has flown the Petra College flag high as they represented Zimbabwe in the first ever MOOT COURT in 2022 and made it as far as the finals where they lost to Nigeria. The club also participated in the A.T.S Public Speaking and Debate competitions in 2023, which were hosted by Hillcrest College in Mutare. They were ranked 5th out of 16 schools.

Drama Club

Students creatively express themselves through the performing arts. They annually participate in the Allied Arts Speech and Drama Festival and never fail to impress as Petra College students have been awarded Honour grades in various categories.

Interact Club

Love becomes a verb as SERVICE BEFORE SELF is put into action through charity work.

Media Club

These are the journalists that capture memories of events and student accolades.

Maths Club

Students use mathematics to tackle everyday problems. The club also empowers its members to become confident, overcome their fear of the subject and to adequately prepare for examinations .


This is the club where leaders are made. Students are groomed to become responsible members of the community and are taught etiquette, correct posture, good conversation and table manners.

Scripture Union

This is the only club that touches every student at the College as birthdays are acknowledged throughout the year. Devotions are held and guest speakers inspire the members from time to time.

Model United Nations

This is a new club that aims to tackle various global problems through dialogue with other schools and tofind lasting solutions to those problems.


These are clubs and cultural activities that our students actively participate in but they are not offered at Petra College. Examples include shooting, ballet, karate , piano , acrobatics, pollocross and orchestra .Various accolades have been won in these disciplines and celebrated by the College.

First Aid

Students learn hands on how to dress wounds and attend to sports injuries during fixtures at school.


Students learn the rules of the game and practice new drills on the field of play.

Art and Craft

Students express their imaginations using various media creatively.


Under the guidance of professional tutor, students are taught how to play the marimbas.

Young Farmers

Students learn how to grow a variety of vegetables, tour farms and learn about livestock.


This club has flown the College flag high by scooping individual prizes in several annual tournaments.


The choir took part in the Allied Arts Eisteddfod and was awarded 4 Honour awards.

We are committed to building a well-rounded character, and our school provides a wide range of sports and clubs through which students may learn collaboration, self-discipline, and sportsmanship.