Senior College Head

Rob Aldridge BA (Hons) PGCE

Petra College Senior Head

Petra College Senior is an educationally inclusive school for students from Form 1 to Upper 6. We offer a comprehensive and holistic learning programme for young men and women of all academic, sporting, practical and cultural talents.

Head's Message

At Petra College Senior, learning is at the centre of what we do.  It is a simple and profound truth.  Because if learning is at the centre of what we do, then it places learners at the centre. 

Learning happens in different and distinct ways for different people.  It is based on the reality that people and learners are different.  In our system, we have scope, resources, capabilities, and skills to support learning needs of individuals. 

But it needs to be learning that prepares students for the future:  Learning for Tomorrow. 

We understand that learning is not merely absorbing and remembering content.  Learning is skills and in fact learning itself is a skill. 

Here at Petra, we focus not only on examinations but on key 21st century skills.  We also want to focus and develop the character and attributes our learners possess – we strive for them to become responsible, confident, innovative, engaged, and reflective. 

We live in a dynamic world where every industry, business, service, or career has shifted and is changing.  Nothing is now learnt once for all or forever.  We have all had to learn and re-learn.  We want to teach students how to learn so they can cope with what comes next. And with what comes tomorrow.