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Why Petra College

Who Are We?

We are Petra, a college founded on Christian faith and principles for living.  As a community we value the individual and their skills and talents.  We understand that education is about learning for life and that is more than just exams it is about character, critical thinking, integrity and self-discipline.

The ability to learn is a critical life skill for our children and we believe that we have a duty to teach that in the classroom ands with those skills enable children to engage and thrive in the learning process and in the world around them.  We want them to be wise and confident.

We believe in a holistic co educational programme for learning that prepares our children for their tomorrow by allowing them experience many aspects of life within the safe confines of the school campus.

From ECD A through to Upper Six, we are committed to encouraging and enabling your child to find their passion, seek their purpose and deal with the challenges that come their way. The following passions and distinctives describe corporately who we are and what we do.

Passions of Petra College

  • To deliver a challenging and holistic education in academic, sporting, cultural and artistic spheres that makes Petra the College of choice.
  • To enable each pupil to realise their talents and reach their full potential.
  • To demonstrate the love and character of Jesus in all we do as a college community, helping each pupil to develop strong Godly character and leave Petra knowing that they are loved and valued.
  • To recognise the unique and distinct abilities of each individual, and through our innovation, excellence and creativity, enable pupils to reach their potential.

Distinctives of Petra College

Christian Values

Life at the Petra College is founded on Christian values. Our aim is that these are modeled daily through the life, character and service of both staff and pupils. Pupils are taught the meaning of the Gospel and shown the strength of Jesus’ character: in particular his courage, integrity, boldness, humility, gentleness, compassion and self-discipline.


As a co-educational College, we provide an environment which fosters genuine respect between the genders and provides a positive Godly role model for adult life in a world where there is often a lack of understanding and appreciation of the roles for both men and women in today’s society.

Individual care

We aim to cultivate a nurturing and inclusive environment for pupils of varied backgrounds and abilities. Petra is a place where Christian values underpin the school curriculum and ethos for daily life and where each pupil is known and valued. We believe in the uniqueness and distinct abilities of individuals and our passion is to enable every pupil to realise their God-given talents. Our programs are designed to cater for all abilities including both gifted pupils and those for whom learning is more of a challenge.

Academics and Learning

At the junior level we teach learning to learn and are following the Cambridge curriculum in English, Maths and Science. Our learners will sit Zimsec and Cambridge in Grade 6 and 7 respectively and be prepared for our senior school experience through developed transition plans and shared teaching resources. At the senior school, we provide rigorous academics largely via the International Cambridge Examinations. Vocationally, we offer professional courses from City and Guilds, which allow students to follow practical and career enhancing training, and learning culminating in certificates and diplomas that are internationally recognised.

Sport and Culture

We love sport and encourage all our children to participate. Across the age range, we achieve a significant number of provincial and national team places. We strive to continue improving and empowering our children with the skills of fitness and team work.

Each child is required to participate in sport and we seek to embed good sporting skills and knowledge as they move through the College playing competitively and for fun.

Pastoral and Spiritual

We have a full program of pastoral and spiritual care for our children, which is delivered by our College Chaplain and designated staff members whose role is to ensure the well-being of children. There is a vertical system of oversight through houses and grades and forms and a horizontal process through our Heads of Year and the Chaplain.

For learners who struggle to achieve in the familiar classroom environment or who have a short term need, we provide assistance through our Skills Centre. Thus, we are able to support a variety of needs from approved exam assistance, in-class support, additional learning opportunities or simply help with organisation and social skills.

Innovative learning

We are committed to support every pupil as they strive to reach their academic potential. We do this through learning and teaching that is both innovative and informed: that is, teaching that is appropriate to the needs of the pupil and provides a variety of teaching styles that will assist in the learning process. Teaching and learning is designed to facilitate reflection, inquiry, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Holistic Education

Petra delivers a challenging and holistic education that includes high standards in academics, sporting and cultural activities as well as a variety of extracurricular programs from French to soccer and motoring to squash.

A vibrant learning community

Students and teachers are members of the Petra learning community. Their collaboration is essential to individual success and progress. We aim to build quality relationships as we cultivate a supportive, disciplined, healthy and joyful school community that is attentive to the social, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of all.

Petra College Prospectus

We are a diverse educationally inclusive Christian co-educational day school for 4-18 year olds following the Cambridge International Curriculum from Grade 1 to A Level. As part of our strong belief in educating the whole child via engaging, empowering, enabling and learning opportunities, we offer a range of diverse extra-curricular activities throughout the College and we include some vocational programmes at the senior school so as to enable.
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Petra College Prospectus