Education and learning

Petra College Senior


We offer a variety of learning opportunities that will provide your son/daughter with all they need in their chosen discipline.

As an inclusive College we offer: Cambridge International IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and A Level. We also offer Certificate and Diploma courses through ICM and City & Guilds. 

Form 1 - 4 Curriculum

We follow a rigorous Cambridge based academic syllabus which results in students writing IGCSE exams at the end of Form 4.  Our curriculum in Form 1 and 2 is broad and introduces several new subjects and areas.  By Form 3 and Form 4, students will engage with a broad and balanced curriculum where they have a mix of compulsory subjects, but also some individual choices in subjects that reflect their interests, talents, and aptitude. 


  Form 1 – 4  
English Mathematics Combined Science
Biology Physical Science French
Ndebele Design & Technology IT
Fashion & Textiles Geography History
Religious Education Physical Education Food & Nutrition
Business Studies Computer Science  

6th Form Curriculum

At 6th Form, we offer full range of Cambridge AS and AL courses but we also, via our Professional Studies Department, offer several qualifications focused more on industries and the professional world.  We offer the opportunity for Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications in Hotel and Hospitality, Tourism, and IT.  These are administered through ICM and City & Guilds. 

But beyond those different examining boards, qualifications, and certificates, we want to do something else.  Embedded in all of this and embedded in how we teach is a strong focus on skills and competencies that are larger than the content of a specific subject.   These skills are what will help them and prepare our students for their futures and all that lies ahead.

City and Guilds

The Skills Centre

The College recognises that some students will not be equipped to pursue a traditionally academic curriculum and therefore we seek to provide a varied vocational and professional programme via our Skills Centre that will enable them to succeed in their chosen field.  For those who are content on the academic pathway we are all familiar with we offer support for those who excel and require additional learning opportunities simply for those who have a short term need for support due to illness or injury.

The skills centre is designed to provide a helping hand for anyone who needs it.

Petra College

From the time your child joins us to the time they leave, our passion is to ensure they love to learn and love to engage in all the activities of our community.

We love sport and keep improving in what we do. Many of our children achieve Provincial and National team status at both Junior and Senior level. We enjoy a variety and pursue many extra-curricular activities throughout the College such as Drama, Debate, Public Speaking, Music, Interact, Toastmasters and much more.

Most importantly we want your children at all ages to be inquisitive learners and critical thinkers. We believe in a global perspective and so engage with colleagues and pupils around the world with virtual exchange lessons and communication opportunities.

We recognise the unique and distinct abilities of every individual and through our teaching and creativity seek to empower students to reach their potential.

Please come and see what we have to offer you!