College Principal

Heather Wells BA (Hons) Ed PCES


Welcome to the Petra College website. We do hope that you will find in these pages the passion, purpose and challenge that makes us unique and our College the perfect place for you and your family.


Heather Wells – Petra College Principal with a passion for individuals and their successful journey along the educational pathway. With experience in understanding individual learning needs and ensuring that learners excel and achieve according to their skills and talents and in developing an inclusive educational provision, she wants to bring many individual success stories to the pages of Petra and into the lives of our community. Heather believes in learning for life and the power that this brings when invested in individuals transforming potential into real-life skills and a confidence in oneself.

Welcome Message

Petra College was born out of the Petra Schools Trust, established some 30 years ago to provide a high quality inclusive Christian education. It is one campus serving all your learning needs from early years to sixth form.

We are a co-educational inclusive learning environment where we believe in the uniqueness of the individual and therefore the need to provide a learning experience that meets that need.

Our vision is ‘”Learning for Tomorrow’ which embodies the very core of who we are.  A college campus focused on helping children achieve their very best, from much admired and familiar A*s to the less talked about personal achievements of children who are not academic by nature but have amazing and unique gifts to share with us all.

We are a Cambridge school and love the child-centred nature of the curriculum that supports our ethos of inclusivity and individuality. Our beliefs remind us that God made us all to be unique and have complimentary skills and talents. We love to celebrate that through the range of subjects and learning that we offer.