Petra College Senior Head

Rob Aldridge BA (Hons) HDE

Petra College Senior Head

Petra College Senior is an inclusive school for 13-18. We offer a comprehensive learning programme for young men and women of all academic, sporting, practical and cultural talents.

Head's Message

As an inclusive Christian school, we love to celebrate talents of all kinds. Our top academic students achieve 10 A* and A’s at O level, going on to study at AS and A level with equal success. Our more practical students engage in practical O and A levels as well as professional qualifications in a number of fields.

Our sporting disciplines allow us to nurture provincial and national sports men and women and also to encourage solo sporting passions through our elective programme. We are building on our water polo with our own new pool and we make the best use of the extensive grounds at our disposal.

Culturally, we love to express who we are. We do this through music, drama, debate, French/Ndebele days, public speaking and so much more.

Our Skills Centre is used to support students who, for whatever reason, need a helping hand. It may be because they have Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or some other learning challenge that requires additional support both in and out of the classroom or may be simply to support extension activity for our gifted students. All of us we need a hand sometimes and that may be because we broke a wrist or leg and do simply need a literal helping hand! In any case our teaching assistants are there to provide what is required and ensure each student has the best opportunity to achieve their potential.

We are excited to welcome learners from our own feeder school and from the many junior schools within our wonderful city and the wider community. Please do come and see us so we can show you more about who we are.